Over the course of this campaign, Tom will lay out his plans to protect our communities, preserve our quality of life, and ensure that Rockland County remains a great place to live, work, raise a family, and ultimately retire.

As District Attorney, Tom will be an independent voice for Rockland County and work every day to put you, the people of this county, before politics.

“We will prosecute, not persecute.
We will regulate, not discriminate.
We will rehabilitate, not debilitate.”

As District Attorney, Judge Tom Walsh will:

  • STOP political corruption and enforce the law without fear or favor.
  • PROTECT victims of gun violence, domestic abuse, and sexual assault.
  • COMBAT the Heroin and Opioid Crisis plaguing our communities.
  • CREATE new specialized prosecution units to protect seniors, women, children and our immigrant community.
  • PRESERVE our quality of life and protect taxpayers from waste, fraud, and abuse.

No one is above the law and Tom will fight every day to ensure just that.

Crimes Against Revenue Program

Under the proposal, Judge Walsh will form a new specialized prosecution unit that will focus on, develop and prosecute crimes that fall under New York State’s Crimes Against Revenue Program otherwise known as C.A.R.P.  Specifically, the program will focus on prosecuting tax, Medicaid, welfare fraud in Rockland County.

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Public Integrity Task Force

Under the proposal, Judge Walsh will form a Public Integrity Task Force in order to ensure that we hold those in positions of authority to the highest ethical standards in our County. For too long, criminal activity by elected officials, public servants, and employees at all level of government has undermined the public’s trust and confidence in those serving our community.

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Opioid Epidemic Initiative

Under the proposal, Judge Walsh will establish an initiative in his office called “HOPE for Rockland.” The initiative will focus on four areas to address the Opioid Epidemic: a helping but firm hand; offering alternatives to incarceration; proactive law enforcement measures; and education.

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Anti-Wrongful Conviction Policy

Under the proposal, Judge Walsh will establish a working group to ensure that justice prevails in cases where a wrongful conviction occurred. As credible information and evidence is brought to light, the working group will evaluate it and present it to the District Attorney’s office for review. Additionally, this group will propose reforms to ensure wrongful convictions do not happen in Rockland County.

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